Almost every company that wants to succeed needs to have salespeople who can sell.

    They must be able to deliver stellar presentations, spark interest in products and services, and respond to competitors. Prospects must be convinced that the company in question can solve one of their problems.

    To do all this, salespeople need the right attitude, skills, and knowledge—or A.S.K. In this book the author—who has inspired and educated salespeople at top pharmaceutical companies for more than two decades—explains how to focus on these three pillars of success.

    With his guidance, you’ll learn how to:

    • exhibit the right attitude around clients and employees
    • focus on acquiring the right knowledge
    • identify your target audience
    • develop the skills you need to succeed

    Whether you’re starting a career in sales, managing a team of salespeople, or seeking to position yourself and/or your company for future success, you’ll be poised to succeed with the lessons in All You Need Is A.S.K.