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J&T Medical Management Services

For more than 20 years, J & T has worked with professional businesses in USA and has been delivering world class services to healthcare industry. With our experienced team, we are among the best in industry providing exclusive services to healthcare start-ups.

We offer complete medical management services including Sales & Marketing, HR Logistics, Short term and long term plans.

At J & T, we provide business solutions to cater the needs of medical centers, spa, clinics and Lasik surgery specifically. We understand the unique requirements of every business and therefore, we work closely with each client and draft solutions that deliver measurable results.

As a professional in industry, we are also able to provide consultation to our clients by hiring and arranging qualified staff for them, drafting digital marketing campaign and business planning for different time horizon.

Our Top Services

Choice Business Needs

Sales Marketing

We are specialized in marketing services for healthcare industry tailored to the specific needs of our clients. The use of digital marketing is changing the landscape

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HR Logistics

Organizations today, want to focus on their core business and therefore they tend to outsource hiring to professionals like us that are expert in preparing

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Long Term Plans

J & T excels in providing long term planning and solutions for new start-ups of medical and healthcare organizations, to help them in achieving their long

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Determine Your ROI

Assuring ROI (Return on Investment) in marketing is a complex process as it involves various factors and variables. While it is challenging to guarantee a specific ROI, there are strategies and practices that can increase the likelihood of achieving a favorable return on marketing investment. Read More

Build Your Digital Health

Building a strong digital presence in the healthcare industry requires a thoughtful approach and consideration of various factors.
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Enhance Your Professional Image

Enhancing a company’s professional appearance is crucial for establishing credibility, building trust with customers, and attracting potential clients. Read More

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We were also the first to realize that the real estate world was changing, and we needed to change with it to continue innovating. Now we are investors, founders and developers behind some of the most intriguing companies in the business. Contact us to learn more.

Contract with PRU

April 21, 2021

J&T Medical Management Services, LLC signed contracts with Pharmaceutical Research Unit -PRU , a bio-equivalent and clinical pharmaceutical research group that Specialize in pharmaceutics, we will […]

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Contract with Eyes NY

March 29, 2021

J&T Medical Management Services, LLC signed contracts with Eyes NY , a New York based group of Speciality Ophthalmology Clinics, taking care of there employment, Marketing, […]

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